This is a common question, but one that is extremely difficult to answer. There are many factors that go into pricing one night on safari such as: the time of year (many lodges have seasonal pricing), the standard of accommodation, and what is included (e.g., game drives, alcohol, private guides, other activities). Our best advice is to speak to our Travel Advisors, let them know your budget, your available timeframe and your bucket list and allow them to draw upon their expertise to hand-craft the best value safari into your itinerary for your individual requirements.

To simplify an answer to a complex question, we have put together a month by month guide of the best times to visit each of the countries in that we feature. We have taken into account, weather, temperature, wildlife viewing, and seasonal events in our selections. There are benefits of visiting countries in the off season (e.g., reduced rates, less crowded). In terms of a safari experience, the wet season might mean more chance of you getting wet, but it might also mean a better chance of getting up close to the wildlife and enjoying the green landscape.

The minimum age limit required to stay at a safari lodge or camp is determined by the property itself and varies from place to place. Generally speaking, children must be over six years old to participate in game drives. Some lodges do not accept children under 12 years old. There are exceptions to this rule, particularly if you charter your own safari vehicle and private guide. Ask our Travel Advisors – they know the minimum age requirements for safaris at each of the properties we feature.

Some lodges cater towards children to keep them entertained and educated during their entire stay with dedicated staff and well-organised programmes. Activities may include: bush walks, mini game drives, insect safaris, arts & crafts, and cooking. Some lodges do not have any facilities for children and may even have minimum age requirements to stay there. In general, very young children are discouraged from participating in safaris. Our website highlights the accommodation that is family friendly and details activities for children – some properties have even provided details of their kid’s club programmes which you can download from our site. Still not sure where to choose? Speak to our Travel Advisors, they’ll help you put together an itinerary that will make the whole family happy.

As nature is unpredictable, we are hesitant to give a guarantee, but we have been in the business for a long time and are your best resource for getting as close to the action as possible. We know the best river crossings, hot air balloon safaris, and mobile camps to make the Great Migration a memory that will last a lifetime. We’ve got a great blog post that we hope you find useful, but speak to our Travel Advisors for answers to your specific questions.

Most clients expect traditional game drives, but some camps offer bush walks, canoe safaris, balloon safaris, flying safaris, and marine safaris. Look for the icons next to the accommodation on our website to see which safari experiences the property has to offer. Still confused? Speak to our experts and they’ll walk you through it.

Africa offers wonderful opportunities for a multi-centre holiday that includes an exciting wildlife safari, a relaxing beach stay, and a cultural city visit. We have put together some of our favourite itineraries that highlight the diversity of the Dark Continent, but bear in mind that these are just suggestions. All of our holidays are tailor-made to your specifications, so please contact our Travel Advisors to create your own adventure.

The best time of year to travel to Ghana is November through March – during the dry season.

You can email – contactmotherlandllc@gmail.com or call 470-388-3389

Motherland has accommodation with prices less than hotels. You May also elect to stay in a hotel.

No, but we will help you find affordable fights.

There’re various tribes and dialects across different part of Africa but most places we visit speak English and your tour guide will communicate in English

Yes we do. You will find a general guide in our packages and a tailored itinerary will be given when you book a tour.


It is imperative we keep you informed as your safety and health is extremely important to us. We encourage you to frequently check as travel guidelines change in this our new way of normal. Check both the Centers for Disease and Prevention and World Health Organization, when in doubt please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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